Live Sessions with Ginception

Ginception are teaming up with some of the best DJ's and Artists in the country and will be live streaming their sets direct to your living room. Ginception are also looking to raise money for Alder Hey Children's Hospital, so please enjoy the lineup and feel free to DONATE to this very worthy cause by clicking the link further below - Thank You. 

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Samuel's Story...

​My name is Paul Cunliffe and the cute little guy you can see in the images below is Samuel, my son. Samuel has a rare condition called Branchiootorenal (BOR) syndrome that disrupts the development of tissues in the neck and causes malformations of the ears and kidneys. As well as this he has facial Palsy and more recently, he has been diagnosed with Epiphyseal Dysplasia. We always knew from birth that he would require a Kidney transplant and in 2019 his Kidneys started to deteriorate. With myself being the live donor we were all set for the transplant, but whilst on Dialysis, Samuel developed Peritonitis. We happened to be at a one of his appointments at Alder Hey when he VERY quickly became ill but due to the speed and response of the nurses, we were luckily enough to catch this before we set off on our 1hr 30min car journey home; of which I have no doubt will have made the situation so much worse given how rapid the infection took. Thankfully, he came through this and in December of 2019, despite complications in theatre, he had his transplant and we just managed to get him home for Christmas - with the best present of all!

My family and I want to thank Alder Hay for everything they have done for us and continue to do for us on a very regular basis. I cannot express just how hard the Doctors and Nurses work and how they consistently go above and beyond despite the challenges they face daily - and always with a smile! They save countless lives including my sons so we can only do our little bit to say THANK YOU by donating whatever we can and making a little difference to those who need them.